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Joseph M.

Jennifer did what other process servers could or would not do, and for a much MUCH better price! She did a very difficult job and was able to serve the other parties negligent attorney privately and got through a gated community. She made multiple attempts and did not charge extra. I'm so thankful for this service and her advice was invaluable to me. I will definitely utilize her again if i must. She handled this case WAY better than Trailfinder Investigations did and actually got the job done where Trailfinder failed and was significantly more professional. I cannot thank you enough!!

- Joseph M

Michael M

Jennifer came on board with almost no notice and even though she initially thought she would not be able to accommodate our needs, she ended up far exceeding expectations and making Herculean efforts towards accomplishing what we needed.

Cecil K

PI2 Investigations is ALWAYS my go to if I need service of process or help locating someone. Jennifer Flood is responsive, professional and provides excellent service. I can't imagine using any other legal support service.

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We PERSONALIZE every Investigation for the individual needs of each client; Pre-employment hiring, Asset Searches, Due Diligence Investigations either for Mergers and Acquisitions or Pre-Litigation Trials, County-State-National-Federal Criminal Records, Sex Offender Registry Search, Driving Records, Bankruptcy Records, Skip Tracing. If you don't see it, just ask.


Who have we worked for?

We have worked with, Trial Attorney’s, Personal Injury Attorneys, Brokers, Landlords and Property Management Companies, (Private) Exclusive Country Clubs to perform Background Checks on new member applications, Child Family Investigators to assist in the Investigations of the assigned court cases.


Where did we come from?

The experience behind PI 2 Investigations originated from years of Law Enforcement along with creative thinking and problem solving skills. Between years of experience, strong intuition and methodical tenacity has given proven results.


What can you expect?

First and foremost, you can expect, COMMUNICATION.

In addition to communication, you can expect a formal report with pertinent information designed for your company needs, supporting documentation in accordance to any HIPPA or Accreditation laws, all in a reasonable amount of time to prepare for your case or needs.

PI 2 Investigations, LLC
North & South Locations

P.O. Box 740333

Arvada, CO 80006

P.O. Box 323

Johnstown, CO 80534


    P.O. Box 323

    Johnstown, CO 80534

    P.O. Box 323

    Johnstown, CO 80534

    P.O. Box 323

    Johnstown, CO 80534

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